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Kentucky state has original design of the license plates that are placed on the cars. You can find it on the rear part of the car, it's firmly stuck that you cannot tear it away. It's unique for every car and you can find out the information about the vehicle with this code. The Kentucky license plate lookup will provide you with the technical specs of the car and its default equipment.

If you want to drive a car or a motorcycle on the territory of Kentucky, you will have to register it in the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. If you're registering the car for the first time, you will have to go to the clerk's office. Or you can use the registration renewal services after you check the specs of the car on this site.

You can notice that a regular code is divided into two parts in Kentucky. However, you cannot decode the license number on your own. There's no special algorithm that could be used for standard coding of each of the vehicles. If you doubt this fact, you can try analysing various codes form the plates with the online lookup and find any consistent patterns. The online service is completely free with no limits on the number of tries for every code.


A regular Kentucky state license plate for cars and trucks consists of 6 characters with a dash or a space. There can be letters and figures on it. If we mean a bike, you can see 6 characters or 5 of them with a dash or a space. Personalised plates can contain various numbers and letters in different combinations. However, there are no two identical plates on the territory of Kentucky state. If the car belongs to an organisation, it can contain special symbols, colors and other signs that will distinguish this car from others.

You can apply for a new plate only in person, but you can use the Kentucky license plate lookup free on this website. Not all the states allow you to do this online. The advantage of online service is that you save your time and money as you can do it from any place at any time of day or night.

Vehicle Report

No matter there's a regular or Kentucky personalized licence plate on the car, you can find out the following information about the vehicle you're interested in:

  • The year and the place of the manufacture. You can see the assembly plant and when the was produced.
  • The make and the model of the car. If you see that the data from the lookup differs from what you see in real life, it's better to call the police.
  • The information about the engine specs. You will see the number of cylinders, the type of the fuel used and so on.
  • The equipment of the car that was installed by the manufacturer. You can see the number of airbags, the color and the material of the interior as well as other details if needed.

If the car wasn't produced for the USA, it will have a different form of the license plate. If the car was registered in Kentucky before 2011, it will be of dark blue color with the name of the state located at the top. If it has been registered since 2011, you will see also a slogan "In God we trust" between the logo and the characters. If you don't see the license plate on the front part of the car, you shouldn't worry about it.