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Search and Check License Plate and get Vehicle History Report

Example: 89BWCV FL

Nowadays, license plate lookup is a must when you are going to buy a used car. This free online service will help you check all the key data on the car or vehicle of your choice in a matter of minutes (sometimes it can be done even faster). No need to visit your local DMV to get relevant records. Our specially designed license plate check online tool is just what you need! It will save you from unnecessary hassle and headache.

To deliver you the most relevant license plate search results, this tool gets the information from 100% reliable and trustworthy data sources that are officially registered. Be sure that all the reports are done for your request exclusively. More importantly, the tool double-checks all the records and presents them in the form of a clear and good-looking report. Your personal data is never collected when you perform the search.

Usually, people tend to use our handy and ultra-fast license plate lookup free tool to get a complete info on the vehicles or cars, which they would like to buy. If you combine this type of search with VIN history lookup and VIN number check of the car (available at our site for free), you’ll definitely get a clear picture of the vehicle and its real current specs.

Wait no longer! Use our free license plate check tool and find out all the relevant data in the blink of the eye!

Reverse License Plate Number Search

Using our checker you’ll get all the needed data almost immediately. There is no need to arrange an appointment at your local DMV and waste your precious time on going there. Look up license plate numbers easily from you laptop, PC or mobile wherever you are. The whole procedure will take a couple of minutes.

Basically, the essence of this auto license plate search tool available on our site is to save you time and efforts on getting all the trustworthy data on the vehicle you need. There are many public websites where everyone can get access to the car records. However, it will take you hours to search for the necessary data and sometimes you will still fail to find the info that you’d like to get. That’s because this is a really effort and time-consuming process.

FAXVIN is here for you to eliminate this hassle and make the whole process of acquiring the records on vehicles easy, safe, and quick.

It gives you an exclusive opportunity to run reverse license plate lookup along with all other types of checks that you may be interested in.

Give it a try and you’ll see how convenient it is!

What Data Will you Learn from our Reports?

If you rely on our license plate search service you will get the following data:

  • Accidents History will let you know if the car had any accident or was it ever damaged;
  • Lien & Repossession Records, if the car is currently used in a loan, you will be aware of it;
  • Mileage Rollback, this section will let you know if the mileage reported in the car is true;
  • Flood, Hail and Fire Damage, this part of the report will let you know if the vehicle was ever damaged by such natural phenomena;
  • Service, Inspection, and Registration History, will let make you aware of the maintenance history of the vehicle.

This is just the most vital information you will get, the report will include lots of other features as well.

This search is 100% legal and free. Try it now!

What are the Data Sources?

To deliver license plate lookup of supreme quality we use data from trustworthy and official databases only. They are the U.S. NMVTIS, car auctions, canadian motor vehicle agencies, assurance companies, car makers, car operators and a few other reliable sources.

Are you ready to test our tool?

Our handy services work really fast. You just need to input the number that you see on the plate in the online checker that you’ll find on our site. All the data you need will be sent to you shortly.

To start you plate search you’ll need to take the following steps:

  • Enter the number on the plate into our online checker.
  • Hit the Check Now button.
  • Get the results in the form of a short informative report. Usually, it takes a few minutes.
  • Read the report from your mobile, PC, laptop, etc.

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