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Example: 8VIR650 CA

If you're looking to buy a used vehicle in Louisiana, don't forget about Louisiana license plate lookup. This service lets consumers double-check everything about vehicles before closing deals. Online search returns records about damage, accidents, ownership, liens, VIN and much more.

Every license plate Louisiana state issues goes through a lot of institutions like the police, auctions, dealer networks, private sellers, auto inspection services, gas stations, and so on. Every interaction with these institutions is being recorded. Though there is nothing pleasant in giving away such details, all drivers can use them to their advantage.

When parsed, checked, and put on a database, these records can work wonders for those who purchase used cars. Thousands of car owners have successfully protected themselves from fraud deals and accidents by using our plate lookup form. Don't hesitate to join them now: online tools don't scrape your personal data.

Why Louisiana license plate search makes a difference

Louisiana has been very unfortunate in vehicle-related matters in recent years. In August, 2016, the state suffered from a devastating flood, which resulted in 13 casualties and the loss of at least $30 million. The media compared the disaster with Catrina.

The second misfortune happened when the state started to run out of the codes available for license plates. Consequently, since April 2017, Louisiana issues the new type of license plate numbers, 555 AAA instead of AAA 555.

As it happens, Louisiana license plate lookup, free or paid, is quite a messy business. There's nothing entertaining about trying to compare all the records about flood/fire damage, registrations and recalls, especially with several standards of passenger vehicle numbers. Fortunately, our online service makes even Louisiana license plate search quick and painless.

A lesson to learn from license plates

So, what exactly can numbers on the plates tell consumers?

Here's just an approximate list:

  • Title of a car/other vehicles.
  • Theft and accident records.
  • Date and conclusion of the latest inspection.
  • Records of repossession and loan contracts associated with a car.
  • Data on flood/fire damage (which is especially relevant to Louisiana).
  • Any violations of the state law.
  • Information about presence on the gray market.
  • Vehicle identification number (often abbreviated: VIN).

With VIN, you can quickly do another, even more revealing, search. Decoding this number is in many ways like decoding DNA. A VIN contains information about the model of a car, its manufacturer and date of manufacture, the model and condition of its engine, records of recall and repair. So, you will see whether a car/motorcycle/RV had ever been recalled or damaged by flood and whether it was repaired afterwards.

How to search by license plate number

Online lookup on our site is easier than ever.

To begin with, find license plate. In Louisiana, it is located on the rear side of a vehicle.

Then, type the number in an online form.

Now, all that is left to do is wait. The search will normally take no more than several minutes.

The reports are pretty understandable without any special knowledge. You can see sample reports in the corresponding section of this website.

Many customers are understandably worried about privacy. Here are the answers to the two questions that we are being asked most often:

  • Do consumers really have the right to access this information?
    Our answer: Yes, the data given to you by plate lookup tools is available publicly. The point is to stack it and present in an accessible form. Moreover, as a consumer, you have the right to ask car dealers about all the details available through this checking tool.
    The only information regarding vehicles that cannot be acquired through online search tools is personal data of vehicle owners. We don't showcase this info, as well. If you need it, you should ask the police.
  • Will you also collect my data? Will anyone know about me searching this?
    Our answer: No reasons to worry here. As we are not concerned about personal data, your data is not being collected. The only thing that we may do is occasionally observe how users behave on the website, just to make the design better.