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Check the Car Title and Receive Vehicle History Report

If you plan to buy a used car, you should find out if the title of the car is clean. You can ask the owner of the car about its past adventures or you can use the car title check on this website to see any changes of the title in the past. The owner of the car can hide some facts from you while the online service will provide a full report on any title registration changes if there were any. You will need to have a 17-digit code for running the title check free on this website.

You can find the code on every vehicle that has been produced since 1980 for sale on the territory of the US. If you can't locate the code, it means that it was produced not for sale in the US. To locate the code on the car,stand in front of it and take a look at the windshield. You will see the VIN code in the right bottom corner of it on the driver's side. You don't have to open the hood to see the code. If you want to find the code on the bike, take a look at a steering neck.

These locations are not the only ones. You can find the code on the engine block, under the spare tire and other places that depend on the make and the model of the car. Once you have the code, you can check title status on this website. You will know its real past and all the damages if there were any. A great advantage of a title VIN check is the opportunity to avoid buying a damaged car or negotiate the price of a rebuilt vehicle.

Vehicle Title Information

With the help of title check, you can find out the information about serious changes that have been applied to the vehicle. All the information that you get in the report on this site is reliable. Depending on the results of the check car title, you can find out the following information:

  • Replica, street rod or reconstructed vehicles are the copies of various models of cars, but they are made not from the original materials. They are called custom vehicles.
  • Gray market vehicles. If the vehicle was produced for sale outside the US and it has been imported into it, it cannot be registered on its territory.
  • Junk vehicles. They are not safe for use on the roads of the US, they can be sold as sources for parts.
  • Warranty return. If there was a problem caused by the manufacturer, the car was returned under warranty.
  • Salvage vehicles. It means that the vehicles were destroyed or seriously damaged. It can be rebuilt for the further use.
  • Rebuilt vehicles. These are the ones that were repaired after they had salvage titles.

As you see, it's important to check car title status and see how safe it is to drive or ride on the roads of the US. If you see that the car has a salvage title and you see that it looks perfect, there's something wrong with it. If you wonder how to check car title status, use the form on this site where you can paste the 17-digit VIN code and get the report on the title status in the shortest time possible. If you spend a few minutes on doing the check, you will save your money and time from future repairs of the vehicle. So start using the service and give it a try today.