Nevada License Plate Check

Put any Nevada license plate and search history records on any vehicle

Example: 8VIR650 CA

If you look at any car or bike, you will see a plate with numbers and letters attached to the rear part of it. This is a license plate that is issued for to the owner of the vehicle. There are two types of the plates that are used in Nevada. The first contains "Home means Nevada", it was first issued in 2016 and the second one is the sunset style that was first issued in 2001. According to the local laws, all cars should have a license plate located on both rear and front parts of the body. You can use only a rear plate for motorcycles and trucks.

A license plate contains a unique set of characters that can tell you a lot about the car. However, according to the strict laws of Nevada, you cannot get any personal information about the owner of the car with the help of the Nevada license plate lookup. You can get all the details about the vehicle by knowing the code. Your request is not recorded, so no one will know about it.

With the Nevada license plate lookup free, you will find out the following data:

  • The technical specs about the vehicle, the type of the engine, the type of the fuel, the number of cylinders, the default equipment and so on. In short, you will know the state of the car after it was manufactured.
  • The title of the car. If it's stolen, you will see it in the report.
  • The information about damages that happened on the road or in other places.

If you plan to buy a used car, you can find a lot of interesting information about this vehicle. Just take a look at the license plate, rewrite the 6 or 7-digit code and paste it into the corresponding field on this website. You will get a result in short time provided by the Nevada license plate search. This service is safe and secure, you won't need to install any apps on your computer or portable device.

You can get the information about both regular and personalized license plate Nevada. The code can contain letters, numbers, a dash or space. It cannot contain any punctuation marks. Don't worry if you buy a car and you see a personalized plate, you will get a new one after the registration of the vehicle. The plate is issued to the owner but not to the car. This combination of letters and numbers isn't a code that you have to decipher. The information about the vehicle is stored in various state-run entities and private organizations such as:

  • Insurance companies. They keep all the data about the car damages that have happened since the day of manufacture.
  • Police departments. You will know if the car was ever related to any kind of crime.
  • DMV records. You will see the information about the odometer.
  • The data from a dealer. You will see the date of its registration.

The information you receive on this site is valid and up-to-date. Be careful with the sites that offer you to know the name and the phone number of the car owner, it's strictly illegal on the territory of Nevada. Taking the code and using it for searching information about the car is absolutely legal and confidential. The fact that you have checked someone else's car is not disclosed to anyone. There are no limits for the number of free lookups, you can do it from any location and any portable device that is connected to the internet.