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Example: 89BWCV FL

It is completely safe to buy cars in Pennsylvania. Local dealers are especially friendly to the car buyers. Used cars, motorcycles, vans, and trailers are of such a high quality that one might be feeling shame about the thing he or she was driving before buying those PA super vehicles. Everything is just so good.

Oh wait.

48 people accused of a $1.1 billion car insurance fraud. People wounded in a two-vehicle crash. Deadly wrecks on raceways. Several websites offering Pennsylvania license plate lookup to prevent at least part of this madness.

We are one of the websites that help drivers be safe. We offer completely confidential, lightning-speed Pennsylvania license plate number lookup for absolutely no fees. Next time you buy a used car, the only thing you need to do is find the plate number and check it here. In return, license plate lookup in Pennsylvania will give you the car VIN and other important details such as the date of the last check, odometer readings and much more.

Benefits of Using

In three to five minutes, you will get answers to the questions that haunt hundreds of car buyers:

  • Was a vehicle inspected? If yes, when?
  • What is the title and is there any fabricated title?
  • Is this van/car/bike on any black list?
  • Did this vehicle ever suffer from a crash caused by other drivers or natural disasters? Was it repaired then?
  • Had the manufacturer ever recalled a vehicle? If yes, did they treat the defect properly?
  • Is there anyone who is using a vehicle in a loan? Has there been a repossession?
  • How many miles has a vehicle run before it got in your hands?

Additionally, you will see the real VIN, as registered by several institutions, not necessarily cooperating with each other. The identification number will tell you how old the car is, who manufactured it, what is the model and the condition of the car itself and its engine, what is the color, and so on. As you can see, fraud becomes much more difficult for dealers when you do Pennsylvania license plate search.

The plate itself also matters. As it happens, the plates that date back to the times older than 1999 are out of use. Pennsylvania license plate history has been rich in controversies: first, the opposition to Northern states (the sticker once showed the date of registration not expiration); then, the Quaker slogan on a plate in the 80s; typeface changes in 2000s and different website addresses on plates from different times. Whatever comes next, it is better to be prepared and watch for the tricky car dealers.

At the moment, Pennsylvania is battling another license plate issue. The state typically doesn't give drivers temporary cardboard plates. The all-time plate is being given to vehicle owner almost at once, together with a special sticker indicating when the car should get a title. The policy is directed against those who are making fake plates with T ('temporary') stickers. The key takeaway here is that drivers should watch for T letters on the plates and mind that they should get a new plate immediately after the purchase.

Non-disclosure Practices

This website does not record or transfer your data to anyone. According to the law, we don't display personal data of vehicle owners. The information displayed here was obtained in a transparent, legal way from a variety of sources such as open databases, independent dealers, insurance companies, marketplaces, auto auctions, estate authorities, and agencies of customer protection. As a taxpayer, you can search for vehicle data anytime, and there won't ever be a lawsuit for that.