Connecticut License Plate Lookup

Reverse search Connecticut license plate and get full vehicle history

Example: EQY8372 MI

Vehicles are costly. Not only do they cost money. They may also cost you life if you buy them in an inappropriate condition. But how can one know everything by a test drive or just a brief lookup? There is a convenient way to find out more than vehicle dealers want to show you.

Connecticut license plate lookup works online for free. You can find the data about car inspections, major accidents, repossessions and theft, property loans, and the condition of a vehicle in minutes. Learn how to protect your life and do it every time you talk to a car dealer!

One can check license plate in Connecticut absolutely anonymously, like a journalist or a researcher. This action is not prohibited by law, and most online checkers like ours don't collect personal information of those that search car details.

However, we know a lot about car owners and dealers. Connecticut license plate search is based on thousands of reports and datasets from insurance companies, traffic cameras, governmental institutions and catalogs such as NMVTIS, even gas stops.

Nowadays, too many car dealers prefer not to care about consumers and sell poor-quality vehicles with registration or safety issues. Don't fall in such traps as liens or brand washing. Let the previous owners pay for their mistakes, not you.

Connecticut Law on License Plates

According to the state authorities, you should have a license number for such vehicles as passenger cars, vans, trailers, motor homes, trucks and motorcycles. Motorcycles and trailers should have a plate on their rear part; for other vehicle classes, the Connecticut DMV issues plates in pairs, one for the front part and another one for the rear part. As for decals, they are out of use in the state (even on windshields).

A typical Connecticut license plate number looks like CC-55555 where CC are letters and every 5 stands for a digit. 0 may be the first in this series. The state also issues specialty and vanity plates with a number of designs.

License plate numbers are available publicly, just as the data that we provide. The only thing that you cannot find out on the internet, according to the law, is personal information about vehicle owners. However, the record that is available through license plate search is so extensive that you will hardly need any personal details.

The Information to Find Out via License Plate Check

Type the number of license plate here. In less than 5 minutes, you will see the following:

  • Title of a vehicle.
  • Whether a vehicle was stolen or used in loan contracts.
  • Whether it was part of any major accidents.
  • Whether it was ever recalled by manufacturer.
  • When it was inspected last and what were the results.
  • Its reported mileage rollback.
  • Its reported odometer readings.
  • Whether a vehicle ever suffered from fire, floods or any other natural disasters.
  • Vehicle identification number (allowing you to check the model, the full history of the car, the condition and model of its engine and other important details).

License plate lookup is especially good when you can't find VIN or it is obscured. Some car dealers would go as far as making VIN unreadable. Luckily, license plates are also reliable sources of information.

Remember to compare our data with what car dealers tell you. If something doesn't match, do not hesitate to ask about that aloud.

This information can potentially save lives. Just imagine buying a car that had been damaged by flood or recalled by manufacturer for any major defect... but never repaired. Hurry up to see whether the purchase you are making is good for you!