Arkansas License Plate Lookup

Reverse search Arkansas license plate and get full vehicle history

Example: 8VIR650 CA

Aside from nature and southern hospitality, Arkansas is full of traffic cameras, petrol stations, police posts, and, generally, places where people buy and sell car. No car can pass the system without being noticed. People generally don't like this surveillance, but there is a way to use ot to your advantage. It's anonymous Arkansas license plate lookup.

The service is quite advantageous. Firstly, it helps people find out car history and criminal records about a vehicle's before buying it. Thus, Arkansas license plate number lookup helps us make an informed choice. Secondly, you can easily find out a car VIN by its license plate number. VIN gives you even more information about a vehicle than the plate alone. But looking for VIN directly may disturb car dealers, not to mention that license plate can be a good workaround when VIN is out of sight or simply fake.

So, when you are about to buy a car or another vehicle, remember to do Arkansas license plate search first. You will find answers to a number of questions:

  • Who is the real owner of this vehicle?
  • What is this vehicle's identification number (or, more commonly, VIN)?
  • Has the vehicle been in any accidents?
  • Are there any loan contracts in which the vehicle is listed as property of a creditor (lien)?
  • What does the odometer say?
  • Had the vehicle been recalled? Was it repaired upon recall?
  • When was it last inspected? What did the inspection show?

As an addition to Arkansas license plate number search, you can check the VIN that you'll get from our search engine. VIN check returns such results as the model of your vehicle, its engine specs, color, and so on.

Postpone or decline your deal if you discover any of the following warning signs:

  • The title that the car dealer lists on the documents doesn't match the title returned by search. It could mean that this dealer is selling vehicles illegally.
  • The car had been recalled by manufacturer, but it was never repaired. Car recall is not cheap for manufacturers, and they do not announce it out of the blue. There must be a serious danger that the model poses. That danger that was never treated adequately if you don't find any records about the repair.
  • There are liens against the vehicle. You definitely don't want to pay for someone else's mistakes.
  • The vehicle was involved in grave accidents but the dealer doesn't say a word about it.

Feel free to ask the dealer about these things. As a consumer, you have the right to this information, and our plate lookup service is an absolutely legal way for you to get the important knowledge.

Though the search may occasionally return some records about car owners, this is not our typical practice. Making personal details of car owners public is illegal. If you desperately need these details, better contact local authorities. They have the right to keep the record of car owners' personal data.

Remember to use VIN check if license plate search doesn't give you enough information. This is as easy as with license plate: you should just type the VIN into the form, press 'Check' and wait for a little while usually several minutes.

What you should know about license plates in Arkansas

The state authority that issues license plates is called AOMV, or the Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicle. License plate use is compulsory for almost all categories of vehicles:

Most of these vehicles will have a plate on their rear side. There must be a special sticker on the plate that shows when it is about to expire. When you buy vehicles from a dealer, they should give you a temporary identificator until you get your very own license plate.