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Things happen. Cars get affected by arsons, floods, and other disasters; they get stolen; worth yet, they get sold after that. Dealers are trying to sell deathtraps with leaking engines or with no air bags. Yes, things happen, but not to those who use Missouri license plate search.

Our search engine quickly retrieves vehicle history from a big database made of insurance records, reports from local authorities and consumer rights associations, auto auctions, and dealership. Even if you don't see your car's VIN, the search engine will find it by license plate number.

The state is serious about its license plates. 11 years ago, the local DOR (Department of Revenue) came up with a standard plate design (state bird + state flower + state silhouette + blue characters on white background). The guidelines are ironclad: most of the plates must be embossed while Missouri personal license plates are usually printed with a technology that leaves the plate flat. Learn to read what the plates tell!

Missouri License Plate Check

Typical results of license plate lookup Missouri look like the following:

  • Title of vehicle.
  • Issues with registration.
  • A warning if a vehicle has been stolen.
  • Records about liens or repossessions.
  • Mileage rollback.
  • Odometer reports.
  • Records of accidents and damage by frost, water or fire.
  • Reports about use in the military, industrial, or taxi services.
  • Information about the most recent inspection.

Additionally, Missouri license plate lookup free tool always shows you a VIN, it's a combination of 17 numbers in which the in-depth vehicle history is coded. This is how you may also discover vehicle model and class, color, motor specs, and information about the manufacturer, including possible recalls. If you discover a recall that did not get adequate treatment, don't buy a vehicle.

Missouri license plate lookup does not need you to provide your personal data. You only need the number on a license plate. Our search engine does not collect or publish personal information. What you get in the search results is accessible to public; so, there must be no records about the identity or personal habits of previous car owners. Likewise, yours (such as IP address or query) will be concealed.

Tips on using Missouri license plates

The plates for passenger vehicles have month coding. The first letter in the plate number corresponds to the month of expiration: A and B are for January, C is for February and so on.

The plates must have a year tab (displaying the year of license expiration), which is coded by color.

As you can see, there are at least two ways to know whether there's anything wrong with a plate even before the online checkup.

The plates can be located either on the front part of a vehicle or on the back, depending on the class. Sometimes, trailers, vans, and motorcycles with unreadable rear plates will have temporary tags.

Are you ready to travel safely?

Whatever you buy from a car dealer, it can go with many defects that are not so easy to spot. It is always better to find out about these problems before the purchase. There is no fun in discovering problems with breaks on the road or dealing with accusations of theft that you don't deserve.

Hundreds of customers have discovered title mismatches or reports about poor vehicle condition with our online tool. Though you can't rely on it completely, it gives a valuable clue that can save lives.

If there are things that make you question the purchase, do not be afraid to investigate data: searching for a vehicle history is a normal practice of protecting consumer rights. Test drives won't show you everything, and forewarned is forearmed.

Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR)

301 West High Street
Jefferson City, MO 65105
Driver licensing: (573) 751-4600
Information 24/7: (573) 526-2407