New York License Plate Lookup

Check Any New York License Plate online and get information about vehicle

Example: LCP1781 NY

Every deal would be twice safer if we had an all-knowing adviser eager to uncover any fraud. Especially when buying really expensive things like cars.

Luckily, the help we need is close by. It is typically found on a front or rear bumper. Your guess is right: check license plates.

New York (NY) license plate lookup reveals most of the secrets that car dealers can hide from you. It can tell you whether a vehicle has been in any trouble on the road. It tracks any affairs like loan contracts. You can see how many times a vehicle has been re-sold and when it was last inspected.

Additionally, in the New York State, license plate lookup helps prevent issues with polarizing or peeling plates.

Inside the Report

Data collected by license number trackers has been used by the police and other authorities so often that it has become a notorious subject in local media. Google privacy breaches in other states, and you run into all sorts of things; do the same search for New York, and one of the first things coming up would probably be license plate tracking.

However, you should know that New York license plate search is entirely legal for citizens. Any data about vehicles (not their owners) is available publicly and can be accessed anytime. The tool you see here just lets you do the checkup faster than DMV offices. Importantly, you don't need to disclose any of your personal data to do the search.

There is more to it. Like in many other states, license plate lookup in New York indicates vehicle identification number (VIN), which gives us a lot of additional data such as the car model and color or what its odometer was showing before the vehicle got to the dealer.

Let's get down to the search. Type the number in the field. New York license plate lookup free version will return a report. Specifically, it shows the following data:

  • number of previous owners;
  • the title and whether it matches with the title that is given to you;
  • any liens against the car/motorcycle;
  • accident history;
  • the time when the car was inspected;
  • other details.

A subsequent VIN check will also return year and country of manufacture, details about engine and safety system, and everything you need to know about the vehicle insurance.

Overall, license plate and VIN check instantly show you the real state of the car/another vehicle and whether it belongs to its seller. If you search and find out that the dealer does not tell you everything, this is a good reason to end cooperation immediately.

Other Things to Look For

When inspecting the plate, it is useful to pay attention to its design and overall state.

New York State authorities require drivers to have at least one plate for their vehicles, namely, cars, trailers and motorcycles. New York was the first state to demand this in America. For that or another reason, 100-years old blue-and-gold plates are still in fashion. They have been brought back in 2010.

Aside from this type of plates, you can also spot the older blue-and-white plates or specialty plates of individual designs.

It could be useful to check whether the plate is worn out or whether it has any cover that could obscure the number. These won't cause too much trouble. However, if the police find the state of your license plates unsatisfactory, there can be an unpleasant conversation with an officer and a lot of hassle replacing the outlived plates.

Try our handy plate search tool now and you'll like it!

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