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Example: 89BWCV FL

Every car or motorcycle that is used on the territory of the Iowa state has a unique license plate located on the rear side of the body of the vehicle. The license plate is issued by the local Motor Vehicle Division. The code that you can see on the plate consists of 6 characters including letters and numbers. Most of the vehicles must have the plate attached on the front part of the body. There are also personalised license plates or special plates issued to specific organisations.

The information that you can receive from the license plate lookup Iowa contains the following items:

  • The data about technical specs such as the type of the engine, its power, the number of cylinders, the type of the fuel and so on.
  • The default equipment that was installed by the manufacturer. Be careful with the airbags, if they reveal signs of having deployed, you should find out what happened.
  • The title of the car, the facts about any thefts in the past.
  • The make and the model of the car and the year of its manufacture.

The Iowa license plate lookup is 100% free of charge with no hidden ads or something like that. You take the code, paste it into a special field and wait until the data is collected from various databases. The process of the lookup can take some time, but you will spend much more time if you do it on your own by visiting or calling every organisation you want to get the information from.

The service is free of charge, it means you can check as many cars as needed before you decide to buy it. You can make the search of the car for purchase faster and more secure by checking the license plate code that consists of 6 characters. However, the number and the design of the characters can change depending on the type of the license plate. A regular license plate has the name of the state on it and a traditional symbol. A personalised license plate can be of another shape and colors, however, its design won't influence the result of the license plate lookup anyhow in case the plate was issued legally.

Iowa License Plate Lookup

One thing that you cannot find out with the help of the Iowa license plate lookup is the name and other personal details about the owner of the vehicle. This kind of data is protected by the Driver's Privacy Protection Act. Only authorised organisations, companies or individuals can access the databases with names, addresses and phone numbers. Stay away from the sites that promise you to provide all the data about the owner, these sites are likely to provide phishing activities.

The information that you see with the Iowa license plate lookup free is collected from the following databases:

  • Local dealerships about when and how the car was imported onto the territory of Iowa.
  • The insurance companies about any accidents that happened on the road and natural disasters like floods or hurricanes.
  • The police departments about any facts of thefts in the past.
  • Other public databases that collect the information about any kinds or repairs or damages.

Before you check the plate code, make sure it's valid visually. Pay attention to every scratch you see on the surface of the plate or any strange shapes under the paint. If you have any doubts about the validity of the code, you can check it and see if the information on the screen coincides with the state of the car or motorcycle in real life.