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A VIN number, or Vehicle Identification Number is a 17-digit number, that serves as the car's unique identity code.
For most vehicles, you can find the VIN on your front driver’s side interior dashboard or the driver’s side door post. Alternatively, you may find it on the vehicle’s insurance and ownership documents.
Example: 1GKFK66837J250006

In 1909 the first generation of GMC trucks was produced. And in 1916 General Motors Corporation was founded. Starting from the 1980s each of the cars has received a unique serial number that can be deciphered with the VIN decoder.

If you plan to buy one of the GMC cars, we counsel you to use the GMC VIN decoder to discover all the key info about the car. A VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) code is located on the car body, which encodes vehicle data. Each car encloses the individual number of the car body.

The VIN code is located on the non-removable parts of the body that are least susceptible to deformation and fracture in the accident. The GMC car can have up to 20 places for the application of codes. All these places are difficult to reach, and for their detection, it is necessary to remove some of the details. For easy identification and the use of VIN decoder GMC, the number is duplicated under the windshield or on the left front door pillar.

The VIN number consists of seventeen characters: digits and letters of the Latin alphabet. It must be carefully noted that the letters I, O and Q are not used because of its similarity to 1 and 0. We will not go into the mysteries of the factory markings because you can find out what each of the characters represents with the help of GMC truck VIN decoder.

GMC Serial Number Decoder

Let's find out why you should definitely use the GMC truck VIN decoder: numbers represent a specific vehicle data plus its past life. If the car is stolen, you will see it in a few seconds. Thieves have only three ways to fool the GMC VIN number decoder:

  • Replacement of the entire panel, which is applied to the VIN. The old panel is cut out and a brand new is placed with the "right" number;
  • The elements are added to make 4 out of 1 or 8 out of 0;
  • Extra characters are added.

It should be noted that such work requires expensive equipment. It usually takes a day. The GMC serial number decoder can show you the info that coincides with the current state of the car. Therefore, don't forget about the visual examination of the car. Pay attention to the color of different body parts.

Check the equipment of the car that you see from the decoded VIN and compare it with what you see in front of you. The decoder will tell the body type and the engine. You don't have to be an expert, just follow the information from the decoded list and ask the owner to assist you.

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Now, you are familiar with all the key info that you may want to know about the decoding process. So, it seems to be a great time to try our handy GMC decoder. The process of decoding your GMC has never been so simple! Just take the following 4 super easy steps:

  • Enter GMC VIN code into the GMC decoder, which you can see at the top of the page
  • Hit the Decode Now button
  • Get all the needed info on GMC in a matter of seconds. You'll be sent a free GMC VIN report.
  • Look through this free GMC report

You are welcome to test this GMC decoder and make the use of its main advantages. It is free and user-friendly. Give it a try now!

GMC Sample VIN

  • 3GTP1NEC5JG101771 — 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT Crew Cab Long Box 2WD (5.3L V8 OHV 16V), CREW CAB PICKUP 4-DR
  • 1GT22YEG2FZ124847 — 2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD SLE Double Cab 4WD (6.0L V8 OHV 16V FFV), EXTENDED CAB PICKUP 4-DR
  • 1GKKRRED1BJ240383 — 2011 GMC Acadia SLT-1 FWD (3.6L V6 DOHC 24V), SPORT UTILITY 4-DR
  • 1GKDT13SX82207947 — 2008 GMC Envoy SLE-1 4WD (4.2L L6 DOHC 24V), SPORT UTILITY 4-DR
  • 1GTGC23U64F133266 — 2004 GMC Sierra 2500 SLE Crew Cab 2WD (6.0L V8 OHV 16V), CREW CAB PICKUP 4-DR