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A VIN number, or Vehicle Identification Number is a 17-digit number, that serves as the car's unique identity code.
For most vehicles, you can find the VIN on your front driver’s side interior dashboard or the driver’s side door post. Alternatively, you may find it on the vehicle’s insurance and ownership documents.
Example: 1G1AK15F677393286

The Chevrolet is one of the most popular American brands. The company founders believed that their work should always be based on quality and craftsmanship and such attributes guided it to being one of the leading car brands in America and in the world. This brand is an integral part of the American culture and it's even mentioned in some American songs.

The Chevrolet released a lot of excellent cars in the past and it's continuing to do so nowadays. And if you are reading this words now, most likely you are considering buying a Chevy and you need to know its specifics and its history. Or perhaps you are thinking about selling your car and want to be sure about its market value and the eventual risks for the buyer.

So, whether you're a buyer or seller, you need accurate information to avoid closing a bad deal.

To get all this useful information you have to use our Chevrolet VIN checker. Making a Chevrolet VIN check is really easy and will take you very little time. You'll see. Check out what you need to do.

Chevrolet VIN Number Lookup

In order to run a Chevrolet VIN number lookup, you must, first of all, find the VIN number of the car. You can find it on the car documents but, if you want to make sure everything's all right, you need lookup the VIN number on the car parts too.

The VIN number location varies according to the model.

  • Aveo;
    • on bonnet slam panel just to the left of the catch on a silver plaque;
    • on the lower left-side of the windshield;
    • printed into the center of the bulkhead.
  • Orlando;
    • on a sticker on the driver or passenger door post;
    • on the lower left-side of the windshield;
    • printed into floor of the passenger or driver's foot well.
  • HHR;
    • on the driver or passenger B post on a metal plaque;
    • sometimes on the lower left-side of the windshield;
    • sometimes in the engine compartment, printed on top of the left hand or off side suspension housing.
  • Cruze;
    • on the driver or passenger B post on a metal plaque;
    • on the lower left-side of the windshield;
    • printed into drivers or passenger footwell.
  • Captiva;
    • on the bottom of the passenger or driver's door pillar (note that the VIN sticker will self-destruct if any attempt is made to remove it;
    • on the nearside of both front and rear windshields;
    • under the bonnet at the top and in the center of the bulkhead;
    • there may be some other stickers on other parts of the vehicle.
  • Corvette;
    • 1953 to early 1960-Driver seat door post;
    • 1960 to 1962-By the Steering column in the engine compartment;
    • 1963 to 1967-Instrument panel support brace under the glove box;
    • 1968 to present- Drivers side top of the instrument panel or windshield post;
    • on newer models can be found in the engine compartment front-left-side.
  • Camaro (this information is valid only for newer models);
    • in the front corner of the instrument panel, on the left side of the vehicle;
    • on a label located in the trunk.

If you have found Chevrolet VIN number and you are sure that the one on the car and the one on the papers match, you can proceed with the next step.

Now just type the VIN number in our handy decoder and click the Check VIN button. Voila, your report will be ready in a matter of seconds.

Our checker is completely free. So, use it every time you need.

Examples Chevrolet VIN Checks

  • 1G1BE5SMXH7133500 — 2017 CHEVROLET CRUZE LT, No Reported Accidents, Odometer: 10,741 mi, 3 Service records ...
  • 3GCUCSEJ3FG325705 — 2015 CHEVROLET SILVERADO C1500 LTZ, No Reported Accidents, Odometer: 78,438 mi, 6 Service records ...
  • 1GNSCAE04CR172005 — 2012 CHEVROLET TAHOE C1500 LS, Have Accidents, Odometer: 80,893 mi, 2 Service records ...