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A VIN number, or Vehicle Identification Number is a 17-digit number, that serves as the car's unique identity code.
For most vehicles, you can find the VIN on your front driver’s side interior dashboard or the driver’s side door post. Alternatively, you may find it on the vehicle’s insurance and ownership documents.
Example: JKAKXWJ17HA002066

Starting from the 1980s the motorcycles for the U.S. market received unique 17-characters VIN codes. Letters and numbers were used. The code is used to identify the bike and the manufacturer. The VIN decoder motorcycle is used to find out what each of the characters means and stands for. You can find the code on the frame of the vehicle, but the exact location can be different depending on the make and the model of the motorcycle you're interested in.

The first three characters identify the location of the assembly and the name of the company. The next figures and letters determine the trim, the type of the engine and fuel, the model and the make.

Manufacturers are allowed to use various combinations of symbols in the part of the code that is called VDS. This part is called descriptive. However, the ninth position of the code is devoted to the check digit that can inform the motorcycle VIN decoder about the validity of the code and whether it was somehow changed or not. The next characters define the plant and the serial number of the engine. The serial number can be also stamped on the case of the engine. You can find it on your own or ask the owner for assistance.

The VIN code cannot have O, Z and I letters as they can be easily confused with the numbers such as 0, 2 and 1 respectively. Every insurance company requires the VIN code of the motorcycle and uses the motorcycles VIN decoder to quickly find out the details about the engine and the components. You will use this data for searching for the parts for any kinds of repairs. Using original parts is a safe and secure way to prolong the life of the bike.

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There are a few things that can make the bike riding less fun. If you've decided to choose the motorcycle VIN decoder to decipher the 17-digit sign, you can see that the year in the information sheet differs from the year in the registration card of the bike.

If you use a free motorcycle VIN decoder, don't forget to compare the data on the screen with the actual state of the bike. The VIN number of the motorcycle can be located in two places, and each letter and figure of them should be the same.

The VIN number decoder motorcycle provides results of the deciphering in a few seconds. If you decide to do this on your own, you will spend much more time. Sometimes it may take up to several days.

As mentioned above, each of the symbols represents a piece of information about the bike. If you see ZZZ inside of the code, it means that the motorcycle was produced not for the USA but for another country.

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