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A VIN number, or Vehicle Identification Number is a 17-digit number, that serves as the car's unique identity code.
For most vehicles, you can find the VIN on your front driver’s side interior dashboard or the driver’s side door post. Alternatively, you may find it on the vehicle’s insurance and ownership documents.
Example: 5UXWX5C5XBL708167

BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) is a reputable German automobile brand with a solid reputation. It is popular with drivers for its reliability and performance. However, even BMW can manufacture faulty vehicles and release them on the market for sale. With a certain period of time, the fault becomes obvious and the manufacturer has to issue a recall. It happens all the time.

There are recalls for faulty breaks, for faulty wheel performance, faulty airbags. In case of a recall, BMW manufacturer replaces malfunctioning parts with new ones to ensure vehicle’s safety. Usually, it is done by trusted dealerships. Check BMW VIN for recalls to stay up-to-date.

Recalls Information

In the past, BMW recalled more than 500 000 vehicles because of a cable problem that caused stalling. The cable connector was bad and had to be replaced to avoid a risk of the accident because a vehicle could stall unexpectedly. There was a recall for under 10 000 vehicles because of a loss of power brake assist and more than 150 000 vehicles were recalled because of loose bolts. There was BMW recalls for a taillight problem for more that 100 000 vehicles. There was BMW recall for hatchbacks and Mini Coopers to fix an airbag problem. Some hybrid coupes had a fuel leak that could lead to a fire risk and were recalled. BMW recalled more than 40 000 vehicles for airbags as a part of the global Takata airbag problems. Some recalls are expanded later to include even more vehicles. BMW recalled cars to replace the Head Protection System airbags and child-safety locks. BMW also recalled vehicles for the brake vacuum pump leakage and power-assisted steering. More than 20 000 vehicles were recalled by BMW because of a powertrain problem.

Potential buyers and current owners need to know about recalls and potential problems to able to avoid accidents and bad situations. In case it’s a used car, used BMW, you also want to know a real mileage, number of owners, service history, flood history and other necessary vital information. It’s not a luxury, it is a necessity regardless whether you buy or sell. Suppose you are a buyer, then checking Vehicle History will reveal the past of the vehicle you consider to buy.

Check BMW VIN for Safety

VIN report will provide you with a description of the recall and list the additional useful statistics if you are not an original buyer. It will reveal a number of owners and history of a vehicle you own or want to buy or sell. It will indicate absence or presence of car recalls on the record. In case there are recalls, it will also describe if necessary replacement and repairs were done: who, when and where. Check BMW VIN for Recalls and you will get exact information from a reliable source. You will be sure it is real. You will also get a list of manufacturer’s defects and recalls for the chosen brand and year of manufacturing. Quite often manufacturers have to recall their cars for additional fixing. You will know if it was done on a vehicle you have chosen to buy. You need it to make an informed decision. Additionally, you will learn:

  • NMVTIS of the USA and Canada
  • Information from Car Auctions
  • Insurance information
  • Salvage Auctions
  • Collision History
  • Information from Dealership and Manufacturers
  • Information about Commercial or Private Use

Running recall check, you are getting a peace of mind and confidence. Be smart and do it now.