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A VIN number, or Vehicle Identification Number is a 17-digit number, that serves as the car's unique identity code.
For most vehicles, you can find the VIN on your front driver’s side interior dashboard or the driver’s side door post. Alternatively, you may find it on the vehicle’s insurance and ownership documents.
Example: ZAPM459L475500190

A VIN code seems to be a series of randomly generated characters that don’t really mean nothing. Yes, you’re aware of that the code is assigned to only one scooter and it serves to its identification number. But did you know that every symbol of the code stands for a specific piece of data about the state of the car.

The code is created according to the US law that was adopted in 1980. It’s obligatory to follow the rules if the manufacturer wants to sell scooters on the territory of the US. If you know the code, you can learn a lot about the scooter. Just take the code and paste it into a special form on thies website and the VIN decoder Scooter will provide a full report about the vehicle. You have a chance to disclose the next facts about the scooter by deciphering the VIN number:

  • The year of production;
  • The country and the assembly plant;
  • The make and the model of the scooter;
  • The motor specs and the type of the fuel;
  • The safety equipment specs;
  • Other details about the equipment that vary depending on the make and the model.

You can decipher the code yourself if you have much free time and much desire to do it. The first three symbols of the code represent the information about the make, configuration and the country in which the scooter was made. The next five symbols stand for the type of the motor and it’s volume. The ninth character is the control digit which tells the decoder if the whole VIN is valid or not. The next symbol represents the model year of the scooter. The eleventh symbol means the assembly plant and the last digits are the unique sequential number of the car. Deciphering takes much time while you can save it especially if you need to decode over ten VIN numbers.

Scooter VIN Information

Where can a driver find the VIN code? First of all, take a look into a registration card of the scooter. If you can’t do this, ask the owner to take a photo of it. The next place where you can see it is the vehicle. Take a look at the steering neck or above the engine block. These are the two most common places of the VIN code. If you can’t find it yourself, ask the seller to assist you or read the manual that comes with the scooter.

When looking for the code, you should make sure the codes on the card and on the scooter are the same. Even if one letter or number is different, it can mean that this vehicle is stolen and you will break the law if you buy it. So pay attention to every symbol of the code. Use a flashlight to examine the surface where the code is stamped. There shouldn’t be any damages, scratches that can hide one of the characters. Ask the seller to clean it if there’s mud that hides the code. Once you make sure the code is ok, you can benefit the Scooter VIN decoder right during the examination of the vehicle.

This service requires only the code and no fees. You can decode as many VIN numbers as you need without the need to pay any sums of money. If you see that some specs in the report look different from the real state of the scooter, you should find out the reasons for the repairs of parts change or any other improvements made by the seller.