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A VIN number, or Vehicle Identification Number is a 17-digit number, that serves as the car's unique identity code.
For most vehicles, you can find the VIN on your front driver’s side interior dashboard or the driver’s side door post. Alternatively, you may find it on the vehicle’s insurance and ownership documents.
Example: 1FTYR14U12PB15194

All the information about the Ford cars is encrypted in the VIN number including the model name, the equipment and even the body color. Every person can find this code consisting of 17 characters. Each of the characters represents a specific piece of information. Luckily, the Ford VIN decoder can explain what each figure or letter means.

The first time the Ford car received the first VIN code was in the 1980s.

To get the most from the Ford truck VIN decoder, you should first find the code on the body of the car. First, look up in the technical documentation. Then check for the stickers with the code on different parts of the Ford car. In addition, you can see the code through the windshield, as this code is located on the toolbar on the left side.

Sometimes for security purposes, it's duplicated and on the sticker on the front door. It should be easily read. You can rewrite the code on the piece of paper or type it into a special field on the site to start using a classic Ford VIN decoder.

Decoder Options

Let's consider how the Ford serial number decoder works. For Ford cars, the turning point should be considered as 1981. If you take the cars that were manufactured earlier, their VIN codes consist of 11 characters. The newer cars have 17 characters. There are two main markets that the Ford cars are manufactured for such as American and European.

The Ford VIN decoder options allow you to find out information about the geographical location of the manufacturer. If the first digit is 1, then it is the USA, 2 is Canada. If the car is produced in Mexico, it will have number 3. In the Ford car was manufactured in Australia, you will see the symbol 6 and 9 for Brazil.

The VIN code for vehicles produced for European market begins with an alphabetic character. So, the Ford can be found in Portugal (TW2), Germany (WFO), Spain (VS6), the Netherlands (XLC), Ireland (UN1), Belarus (Y4F) and Russia (WF0 or X9F). But the SFA designation corresponds to the auto released in the UK (before July 1992) and Turkey (after July 1992).

To find the complete equipment of the car, the Ford truck VIN number decoder is needed. The letters A, B and T correspond to the limousine with a 5, 3 and 2 doors. E also shows that the car is a limousine, only this model has three racks. But if we are talking about a two-door compact estate, the fourth position will show the symbols D or W. 4-and 5-door Combi corresponds to N. S is for Kombi/bus. The following symbols as C, F, P, V represent a two-door coupe, a sedan with 4 doors, pickup truck and van respectively.

There are no experts that will give you as much information about the Ford car as the VIN decoder Ford truck. You will find out if the car was ever stolen if it got into any accidents, everything about its engine, body type and the equipment.

How to Decode?

Now, you may want to test our decoder for Ford. Good news is that it's absolutely free and easy to use. To start the decoding process, you should follow the following simple steps:

  • Enter Ford VIN code into a decoder, which you can find on this page
  • Hit the Decode Now button
  • All the info on Ford that you need to check will appear within seconds. You'll be given a free decoder report.
  • Read the report on Ford on your PC, laptop or mobile, etc.

Feel free to test this Ford decoder now!

Sample VIN Numbers

  • 1FTEW1CB0JFB33850 — 2018 Ford F-150 King Ranch SuperCrew 6.5-ft. 2WD (3.3L V6 DOHC 24V), CREW CAB PICKUP 4-DR
  • 1FADP3R47FL281540 — 2015 Ford Focus Electric (ELECTRIC), HATCHBACK 4-DR
  • 3FAHP0HA7CR170541 — 2012 Ford Fusion SE (2.5L L4 DOHC 16V), SEDAN 4-DR
  • 1FDAF57R68EB94287 — 2008 Ford F-550 Regular Cab 4WD DRW (6.4L V8 OHV 32V TURBO DIESEL), CHASSIS AND CAB
  • 1FTNW21P74EB26392 — 2004 Ford F-250 SD Lariat Crew Cab 4WD (6.0L V8 OHV 32V TURBO DIESEL), CREW CAB PICKUP 4-DR