VIN Number Location
September 3, 2017 By Carl White in Advice

Do you remember Kitt from Knight Rider or Christina from the movie of the same name? No common vehicle was ever as heroic or evil as those, but every car must have a unique name. A typical name consist of 17 characters, namely, numbers and letters. This string of data is called a Vehicle Identification

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Deployed Airbag
August 23, 2017 By Carl White in Advice

Here are Some Air Bag Facts Airbags have saved thousands of lives after having been massively installed on all vehicles. The idea of the airbag system is simple: airbags are puffed up quickly enough to protect the human body in the event of an accident. It’s very useful to know how airbags system works in

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Salvage Cars
August 18, 2017 By Carl White in Advice

So, you’ve decided to purchase a used car. Your demands are super high, but you have very limited means to fulfill them. If you see an ad where an extraordinarily cheap and more or less new car is being sold – don’t hurry to call the owner and drink champagne: the price might be so

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August 16, 2017 By Carl White in Advice

When buying a used car you probably realize that it can’t have the same technical condition as a brand new one. However, you may want to make sure you are going to make a good purchase. There are many aspects of a car that you need to taken into consideration: the condition of bodywork, how

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