Six Tips To Write An Efficient Car Ad For A Listing Site

Carl White
August 29, 2017
Efficient Car Ad

The dull and boring routine of defining the car’s value and other things associated with it. So, it’s time to create a great and efficient used car ad. Your goal is to let other people know about your car and the chance to buy it. You provide a description, technical details, and the price that you think will meet the requirements and preferences of the future buyers.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to make a car ad that will attract enough attention of people who may be interested in buying your car. A good ad can let you sell your car in a few hours or a few days depending on various factors. You will have to make up a title, a text and take the photos. So, scroll down to see the tips and use them when making up your own ad.

How to Write a Used Car Ad?

There are some secrets that you can use when writing the text for your ad. Here are the items that you should definitely use:

  • Write a short title consisting of up to 80 characters. Write the make, model and the production year.
  • Make the first sentence the most informative one. Put the most valuable facts about the car into it. Most of the buyers never read more than two lines of the text at first.
  • Use simple words to describe the state and specs of the car, finish the text with stating the reason why you want to sell this vehicle.

You can provide some items from the reports you received thanks to the free VIN decoder or similar services. If you had any damages, accidents or thefts, you should include this information in the ad for selling car. The future buyer will ask you a VIN number and he or she will get this information in any way. So keeping any accidents in secret won’t let you sell the car.

How Not to Write a Used Car Ad?

Never include any untrue information in the ad even if you want to sell the car as quickly as possible. Here are some more items that you shouldn’t use in your car ad:

  • Don’t make your ad emotionally colored.
  • Don’t make grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • Don’t ask the site visitors to see all the information in the photos;
  • Don’t use more than two fonts and colors;
  • Don’t make the text of the ad too long.

What Specs to Include in the Ad?

Write the make, model and the year of production on the first few sentences. Add the engine specs, its fuel type and the type of the transmission. Add the number of miles on the odometer and how the car behaves on the road. Write about past repairs and what parts were replaced in the car. Include the information about all body damages because of the age of the car or improper use of it and add it to the corresponding section of the classified ads, used cars.

Don’t be afraid to include all the problems that you had with the vehicle. This will avoid you from wasting time on meetings with the buyers that will be disappointed with the vehicle. Describe how you drove the car in various weather circumstances. Write the equipment that comes with the car and all the bonuses that you will give to the buyer. Write the price of the car and if there’s a chance to make it a bit lower.

What Can Make your Ad Stand Out?

The first thing most of the people want to do before placing an ad is reading someone else’s ads. There’s no need in taking this step. There are a few simple rules that can make your ad stand out among others. First of all, use the tips that we have mentioned above. You can write several variants of the texts and place one variant on each of the car listing sites.

Take high-quality photos and use online or offline photo editors to make a good craigslist car ad. But don’t overdo it. Take a look at your photos and at the car. The photos should reflect the real state of the vehicle and present all possible drawbacks. Divide the number of the photos into two categories such as positive and negative. And show both sides of the car in them.

Where to Place an Ad?

This should be the website that is related to cars and it provides you with the chance to tell the car. If you see the website that is full of ads but you have problems with navigating it, the future buyer will probably have the same concern. So pick up the site that is user-friendly. Choose the sites where you can place paid classified car ads. This will secure your activities.

If there are options to highlight your ad or include it into regular emails to the registered visitors of the site, you will get more views of the best car ad. Some sites let you see how many people have seen your page, your phone number and the photos. You can change the text of the ad in some time if you’re not satisfied with the results.

Use your Imagination

Take photos and compile a video of your car and make it look like a movie. You can cope with creating an advertisement with a whole story out of the advertisement, so don’t be afraid to use your imagination. However, you should mind the website and the image of your future buyer. Who may want to buy your car? What is the age of this person? It’s obvious that a twenty-years old student won’t buy a car that costs over $100,000.

So make a video that will be interesting not only for you but also for other people. You can ask your friends to take a look at the text and evaluate it. Or you can rely on your intuition and let your creativity do the job for you. But don’t forget about writing a craigslist ad with all technical details about the car even in the most creative text.