The Startling Decline Of Cadillac CTS

Carl White
November 20, 2016
Cadillac CTS

Cadillac CTS has undergone significant technological changes and became even more luxurious over the years. In this sedan you may find the traditional elements of a premium-class automobile, closely intertwined with its unique driving characteristics. We could argue that the decline of popularity of this car made the company push forward and innovate. The sales of Cadillac CTS speak for themselves if we check the numbers below:

Cadillac CTS Sales in USA

Year Total
2010 45,656
2011 55,042
2012 46,979
2013 32,343
2014 31,115
2015 19,485

As you can see, the sales were on the rise in 2010 and 2011, and even 2013 showed promising results. However, the company experienced a significant drop in 2013 by over 41% and then another drop in 2015 to a record low 19,485 sales. This is more than twice less than what the company sold in 2010, and almost three times less compared to 2011. This year 2016 has not given any hope either. Cadillac only sold 13,171 of its CTS models so far. This means they have to sell at least 3,000 cars in November and the same in December. According to the monthly average of 1,317 car sales in 2016, this doesn’t seem like a realistic goal. Would that mean that the company will discontinue production of Cadillac CTS in any near future, should the sales continue to decline? What if we look at how the sales are doing in our neighboring country – Canada?

Cadillac CTS Sales in Canada

Year Total
2014 1,076
2015 921
2016 721

Unfortunately the manufacturer did not provide any statistics on the number of sales of Cadillac CTS in Canada from 2010 to 2013. However, from what we have we can observe that the situation on the market is quite similar in Canada to what we saw in the US. Although these small numbers are quite incomparable to the US sales, they do reveal that Cadillac is not doing any better on the Canadian market either, with its CTS model. Taking into account the rapid drop of popularity of the CTS, would you think that Cadillac will finally scrap this well known model for good? Or perhaps the latest innovations we have seen, is all this car needs to get back on the horse.