Car For Sale
August 11, 2017 By Carl White in Car Selling

How to Sell a Used Car Favorably and Fast Your car has been your devoted companion and assistant for long years but it’s time to say goodbye. What are the reasons? Any. You are moving, or the car has become too small for your big family, or you decided to replace it with more ecology-friendly

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Cadillac CTS
November 20, 2016 By Carl White in Automotive News

Cadillac CTS has undergone significant technological changes and became even more luxurious over the years. In this sedan you may find the traditional elements of a premium-class automobile, closely intertwined with its unique driving characteristics. We could argue that the decline of popularity of this car made the company push forward and innovate. The sales

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CARFAX Alternatives
November 20, 2016 By Carl White in VIN Check

Buying a used car can be a daunting task with a lot of questions that you have to ask yourself. Ford, Toyota, Dodge, Honda or Chevrolet?? Black, Blue?? How many kilometers is too many? And than of course you spend countless hours driving around used car lots and looking around on the internet. Once you

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